So I’m headed to Florida THATCamp 2016 in just a few hours, and I’m stoked. The last non-FSU conference I went to was presenting part of my MA paper at UC Irvine (Go Anteaters!), so I’ve got some nerves mixed with nostalgia going on. Though I will say it’s nice to feel like I’m going to be back in the swing of things, “academically.” From what I’ve read and what I’ve heard from various people, this is going to be a very different setting than the formal talk I gave at UCI, but I already feel like I’m back in my element. Hopefully this experience will be as rewarding, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on it.

As for the THATCamp itself, I posted my proposal topic earlier today [Take a look!] and I’m going to try to get some good discussion going even if I don’t get selected. I feel like this this is a pretty dry sounding topic, but it would be really beneficial for me to talk about it to other folks, and if the crowd tomorrow is at all interested in this I’ll be able to get some good info. I originally expected to walk away with this fired up, brandishing a DH funding manifesto demanding more “fair” treatment from university administration, but the more I wrote that proposal the more I thought about other (slightly less revolution-y) possibilities. What if the consensus of DH people have no problems with the high rates, and are able to deal with the budget limitations? Do the few anecdotes I’ve gathered really make it worthwhile to cut into the internal funding these indirect costs provide? What if the lower rates I sought wound up being patronizing or otherwise disadvantageous to the DH folks, and they wanted no part in them? What if? That’s when I figured it best to put down my pitchfork and ask for more input, which hopefully I’ll be able to get tomorrow.

I’m really working on getting my current work experience in grants tied back to my scholarly pursuits through DH, and this is really the first time I’ve had a chance to do that outside of my internship with Micah. I’d really like to walk away from this with a better understanding of how I fit in to the grand scheme of the field, but know that is a big ask. I’m also just excited to have a chance to talk to other DH people outside of FSU to see if my experiences are actually as relevant as I think they can be. Networking is also always a plus, and I’ve always got my stack of business cards close at hand. I think printing resumes may be going a bit too far this time around, but who knows what could happen!






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